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Quatre Winner
15 May
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Name: Quatre Rabarba Winner
Nicknames: Qua-Chan (Silly pet-name from my family), and unfortunately, I have been called Q-bean once or twice...
Age: 17
Birthday: May 15
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student at Sierre View Private School
Animals: None.


Home: Was born in the middle east into a large (LARGE...) family.
Finance: Well-off, I suppose.
School: Home tutoring before going off to Private school.
Best Subjects: Math and Science related.
Worst Subjects: History
Affiliations: None.
Personal History: If you'd like to know that, I'd hope you'd actually find out by getting to know me.


Height: Um... well, sadly, about 5' 2''
Weight: 105 lbs.
Eyes: Aqua Green, sometimes Blue.
Hair: Platinum Blond, kept quite short.
Build: Lithe and slim.
Defining Marks: My eyes,
Dress Style: Casual, but in a proper way. Perhaps I mean Cascual-Fromal. I don't know. Whatever I happen to feel comfortable in, that is appropriate for the situation.
Possessions always on this person: Pen my father gave me.
Manner of Speech: I'd like to think that it is polite, light and friendly, but that it can also get the point across if the situation calls for it.
Manner of Movement: The same as most others move...?


Behavior/Personality: I hope I come across as open and honest, as well as being cheerful and level-headed. I'm told I act mature for my age, though I happen to think those who say that just don't know me well enough yet. I can be quite a whiner and a baby, really...
Goals/Dreams: To make my family proud, and to support the burden they all collectively carry.
Quirks/Habits: None, that I know of.
Likes: Music, Puzzles
Dislikes: Storms, Violence
Philosophy of Life: Stand up for what you believe in, and follow your heart to do what you know is right.


Eyesight: 20/20
Hearing: Good.
Left/Right/Ambi: Left.
Disabilities/Handicaps: I sometimes get chest pain. It's called Mitrolvavle Prolapse.
Physical Health: Very healthy, as far as I know.


IQ: I don't know the exact number, but I'd assume it isn't terrible.
Extrovert/Introvert: Either, depending on the moment.
Phobias/Fears: Storms, Darkness
Mental Health: I'm all there! (Usually!)


Marital Status: Well, um...
Sexual Preference: Private.
Turn ons: Smile, Kindness and Warmth of personality, pointy hair.
Turn offs: Yelling, Cruelty
Past Relationships: None, really.


Animal: Cats
Book: Too many to choose from!
Color: Dark Purple
Drink: Vitamin Water
Food: Hummus
Music: Classical, Opera
Scent: Lilies
Thing to Do: Read, Play an Instrument

Least Favorites

Animal: Snakes
Book: Horror Novels
Color: Orange
Drink: Grape Juice
Food: Anything greasy...
Music: Metal
Scent: Garbage
Thing to Do: Argue